Majorca Photo Workshops and Photo-Walks

Do you want to surprise your friends and family with stunning photos when you come back from your holidays? 

  • Do you live in Majorca and want to spend some time learning more about photography?
  • Did you buy a DSLR camera and still use it in automatic mode? 
  • Do you often find yourself looking at the features of your camera and getting even more confused?
  • Do you want to understand using the functions of your camera?
  • Did you read the manual of your camera but you are still unsure of what to do to get better results?
  • Did you buy lots of books about photography, with stunning images, but when it comes to your own practice, you still find yourself in the dark?
  • Do you want to take your photo skills to a higher level? 
  • Do you shoot JPGS because you are not sure what to do with RAW-Files?
  • Do you often wonder why your photos don't show the great scenery you have seen when you were shooting them?

Learn how to deal with light, depth of field, aperture and shutter speed. Understand the rules of composition and how to arrange the subjects in the scene.

Held in a small seminar-type setting the first day in Palma,  I will guide you through these basic photographic concepts and make them understandable. When you sign for this workshop, you are supposed to have fun, relax and not be bombarded with hours of theoretical and complicated subjects. I know about how confusing and boring too much input can be. Don't worry! I will reduce the basic session to the information that directly relates to making you better photographers in a practical and commonsense way, so that you cannot wait to go out and put into practice what you have learned.

Autumn, winter and spring are the best seasons for photographers in Majorca, but every season has something special.

There is no guarantee of sunshine or blue sky, but hey, we are photographers and welcome cloud, fog, or if we are lucky, snow. We enter the woods when the day is rather overcast and discover textures and the pose of a single leaf, visit little villages and maybe take part in one of the patronal fiestas, and when it starts to rain, we can always find shelter in one of the many bodegas or local manufacturers and find interesting subjects for our lens.
As outdoor photographers, we have to adapt our program to the weather and light, get up early and stay out late to capture the light, so be prepared for long days. 
There will be time in between to relax, download some photos onto your computers, share experiences and learn from each other, while enjoying refreshments and typical Majorcan snacks. 
Sunday afternoon will be a closing session where you can share your personal highlights, experiences and get a brief introduction into post-processing programs and lots of tips to make the best of your RAW files.

Explore Majorca through your lens!

Majorca has so much more to offer than the holiday resorts of Arenal and Magaluf.  Those who have come to Majorca and explored the island in the past, always come back.  You can find people taking pictures of the blue sea, beautiful sunsets, the very characteristic windmills, picturesque villages and the old town of Palma.

What is it that makes Majorca a special place for photographers?

Artists would answer, it's the light. And indeed, it was this very special feature that attracted visitors from all over Europe during the 19th century, when travel became more comfortable after the first steam boats began to carry passengers to the island  on a regular basis in 1834. 

Besides the light, Majorca offers a great variety of different types of landscapes. Alpine mountain ranges, hill country, fields and woods, wetlands, narrow coves and long beaches. It’s a paradise for nature photographers. Furthermore, you can explore these villages with their colorful markets, mingle with the locals in their fiestas, wander through Palma's narrow lanes or discover ancient Roman and Arabic remains in the historic center. 

You will never get bored as each season has it's highlights.

I have lived here for twenty years, and when I get out with my camera, I always discover something new, regardless of the time of year, the day, the weather or the light.  Now I want to share my experiences and favorite places in Majorca with you. I want to share this remarkable island with you through the camera lens. 


What to bring:

  1. DSLR Camera, your favorite lenses, tripod, walking shoes, back pack and a raincoat. (Bring your own laptop if you want to load your photos directly after shooting)  
  • If you don't own your own camera and are not sure about to purchase a DSLR camera, we can lend you one for this workshop.

  • For those on our individual program, join our "One day photo walks today".

  • Join our tutored photo walks on Sundays. We explore great landscapes, learn how to increase the quality of your images, learn about nature, history and art history and bring stunning photos home. Be inspired in a small exclusive group of passionate photographers and make new friends on the island. 

  • Given that outdoor photography sometimes needs a certain degree of physical fitness, we adapt our program to suit the needs of our participants. Please inform us when you sign up for the workshop or photo walk.

  • Feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Prize:  Weekend: 360 €       Private Tutored Photo Walk: 180 € 

What isn't included?

  • International flights

  • Insurance - please ensure that you insure your photographic equipment. You are also are advised to take out personal insurance

  • Dinner and lunch

How to book

A 15% deposit is required to secure your place
For more information please contact Brigitte Lucke Photography:

If you don't have booked any accommodation yet, we will happily provide you with advise to find a nice hotel for your stay on the island.

Feel free to contact us for further information. 

If you wish to join one of our workshops or book a guided photo-walk, you can place your interest for all workshops by using our contact form and we keep you informed.