As an outdoor photographer I like the natural light's energy and vitality.

The pictures are already there, some impose themselves, others invite to explore the scenery and capture the magic of the moment.

The impact of a landscape can be as strong as that of a single leaf hit by a ray of sunlight, which I give the same attention as when dealing with great panomamic mountain views or a glowing sunset.

There is always the camera in between me and the moment, like the glass pane of a window. Behind it I am observing a scene taking place. And then like a curtain in front of a stage, that I try to raise carefully, I observe the event and set sail to steal a glance behind the scenes.

A house, a stone, a memory, the nuance of an anecdote, like a substance that unfolds beyond the narrative.

Other pictures I need to trace, mute against the phenomena, because speech makes us feel the fugitive nature of the moment.

Pictures emerge from personal encounters, gestures, the movement of a shadow on a wall, the prelude to a story, a huge orchestra in the color range of a rainbow or only a moment, transient like the flutter of a birds wing, the sounds of silence on the edge of the stage.